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A hood made of very dense wool. Buttoned on the front and lined with rabbits. Very warm

Dress made of striped wool with linen lining. Pattern based on Herjolfsnes excavations (two gores on the side). Stripes on each part of the dress match each other. All hand made.

Panel to Purse in 6 Steps | The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist

Panel to Purse in 6 Steps | The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist

Hel medeltida mansdräkt.


Spiral laced sleeves. Kram Silviage: Na magazynie...

Kram Silviage: Na magazynie...

folding / wearing of a rectangle veil

Set Eleven - women 15th century - long shirt - linen - women hose - woolen - under dress - linen - cottehardie/outer dress, woolen with linen linning, strings or buttons - cloak from a half of the circle

by Ellenwy of Rampant Squirrel: A super easy pic tutorial on how to do a templair braid updo using false braids and a metal circlet. To see the photos, you have to go to:

Brocade Swans and Lions, Black and Gold

▶ Makeup History: Middle Ages - YouTube

Necklace, 14th century. This rare gold necklace, enriched by the contrasting colours of the precious stones, belonged to the bequest of the Queen, Saint Isabel. It consists of eight multi-lobed plates, linked by two parallel chains and accented by nine baroque pearls in groups of three. The central gems (three sapphires, one glass, one glass doublet and two topazes) are surrounded by a collar, encircled on the base with a typical medieval setting of small beads.

Gothic Poulaines how-to by Crimson Griffin of Flickr.

La Cotte Simple - Fitted Dress necklines - lots of pictures and some musings on various trending styles for fitted gowns.

The Fitted Dress Neckline: Devil in the Details - La cotte simple

Saxon-style tent. Tent from Fall Creek Sutlery in Indiana, Paint is interior latex house paint mixed 50/50 with water. Pic is Summer 2010. a Medieval tent for the SCA.

The Middle Ages: Playing kids