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Viking lady by Antalika, based on Pskov find.

Viking lady by Antalika on deviantART

Hangeroc Wool Viking Apron Dress with Silk Trim - Custom Order. $150.00, via Etsy.

valkyriethais: From The Roman Path by HerrMagermilch

Viking Woman's Coat.  This is a reasonable summary of the major issues involved in designing one.

Coats (Women) - The Viking Age Compendium

Viking dress cuff with blue silk, embroidered using stitches from the mammen find, including a double herringbone stitch.

Luckyfoto: Viking

Luckyfoto: Viking

Presence Attack: you're doing it right. (FLAWLESS OMG). This, from the expansive and comprehensive JM Timeless photo gallery online; this particular photo set is from Gulf Wars, 2014.

Gulf Wars 23 - George Dudley

Hood from Skjoldehamn – dark red with four embroidery. - Othala Craft

Image: Viking Costume - Sysidan

Jealous of this wee girl's garb!

Birka based viking kaftans by ~Symbelmune

Birka based viking kaftans by Symbelmune on deviantART

A "Triangular" Shawl Style for the Viking Age

Medieval-Baltic: Triangular Shawls in the Viking Age?

Kleine Wikingerin in Haithabu II by Kai-Erik, via Flickr

Viking Game: Rövkrok or Hook the Bottom by Steffe, via Flickr see instructions at

Reenactors at Hedeby, 2008 - short apron dress with side slits instead of gores, popular among the German reenactors (there's no existing remains of an apron dress that shows how long they were or if they had slits or gores)

Viking Apron Dress with Slepnir. Love that applique. It's Countess Svava of the East!

Children dressed in Viking clothing