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Sari / All Saris - Parisera

bengal cotton

Sari / All Saris - Parisera

besides leaves and moss, vino sent me a beautiful silk scarf, dyed with horsetail. i fell in love with its color and wanted to make something in return that will match. so i found linen fabric and put a branch of lichen in the glass sphere to make this set of pins.

reverse of dark indigo shishimai hemp cape. hand-dyed tsutsugaki images. handspun and loomed. 1869-1912.

odds and ends :: vintage dresses (my friend ROCKS!) by Bluebirdbaby, via Flickr

Le Repère des Belettes, c'est une nouvelle boutique insolente et insolite de décoration en ligne. Si vous entrez dans notre "Repère"..., vous y trouverez régulièrement une sélection de nos coups de coeur.

100 Acts of Sewing. I love this project. 100 dresses in a year to exemplify that it is possible to dress well without wearing mass produced.

Suzani table runner - Deminsions: 146 cm x 51 cm (57" x 20")