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Binding of the wrists – The woman running the ritual brings a real of wool or fine thread. This is bound around each woman’s left wrist by the woman who sits to the left of her, as each woman binds the thread on the other woman’s wrist she says ‘ from women we were born into this circle, from women we were born unto this earth’. This ritual is symbolic of the thread that connects us all as women. It also keeps each women tuned into the birthing mother as she leads up to her time. When she goe

INVOCATION OF BRIGHID by Ellen Evert Hopman O Brighid, blessed Goddess Come into the sacred waters O woman of the three strong fires, In the forge, In the cauldron, In the head. Protect us. Protect the people.

Widders dance at Stonehenge midsummer Solstice

extra large frame drum

I played in my little outdoor world this evening, spells and all ;)

The Maiden, Mother, and Crone gather together around the flame of a tealight candle, supporting a glass vessel in their upturned palms. Made out of cold-cast resin and decorated with hand painted vines and ivy, this 6" tall oil diffuser uses the heat of a tealight candle beneath a glass bowl to release the scent of your favorite oil throughout your sacred spaces. The base of this piece is sturdy; 5 3/4" in width and quite thick

Crone of the Yew Tree Celtic Ogham Garden Flag by VoiceOfTheTrees,