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Danielle Noggle

Danielle Noggle

I'm a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and much more. I love life in general and love being with my loved ones enjoying that life.

No Junk Food Challenge, but pretty sure Im not going to give up peanut sir

Discover why 95% of diets fail and the three secrets to safe and effective weight loss... www.GetRadicallyH... more at

Discover why 95% of diets fail and the three secrets to safe and effective weight loss... www.GetRadicallyH... more at

Weight Loss Motivation Visuals - Clever Ideas to Keep You Motivated

Do you know what I love about this picture? Even in her before picture, she is smiling as if she’s the happiest person in the world. She radiates confidence and it’s so easy to see. She was beautiful before and beautiful now. You have got to love the body you have now because you’re never going to take care of something you hate.

Kelly got hot with Turbo Fire and Shakeology!

Great tips! Thank you Chalene Johnson for the great advice!

TURBO FIRE!!! What fuels your fire?? This is my soulmate work out!! I didn't know working about was so much fun until TurboFire!! What is your soulmate work out??

Turbo fire plus greenberry shakeology=My soulmate workout.

Actions speak louder than words. Everything you need to inspire everyone around you is contained within you. So get out there and start inspiring people with who you are and how you live your life.

40 Different Abs Excercises - must print this. Need A Little Motivation? : theBERRY more at DietsGrid Official #fitness #workout #motivation Check out Dieting Digest

Get fit motivation. Find more like this at

Workout motivation tip. Pretty good idea since it'll allow you to save money and you can visibly see how much effort you've put in by looking at how much is in the jar. Definitely trying this.

I think being patient is the hardest part. After four weeks and almost 20 pounds down, I seem to have hit a plateau. Just need to keep focused and know that in the end I will get what I worked for. Find more like this at

i def need to try this. i freakin hate planks!!!

Great workout motivation. I have always been a morning person and I always workout early!

Somedays I literally feel sick, sore and exhausted. Maybe because of lifestyle and junk food. But I need to realize how much energy I can unlock by just putting on some sneaks and getting out there! Once Ive done that Im half way there!

Commit to 6 weeks and you will be amazed how your body will transform!

Secret Fruit Salad: The secret is dry vanilla pudding mix. It combines with all the juices from the fruit & makes a scrumptious dressing that coats every bite. People will ask you for the recipe it's so good! | REPINNED


Hair opinions appreciated :) : wedding Half Up Half Down Prom Hairstyles Half Updos Prom Hairstyles2010 #hairstyle #jewelexi