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Big Bang Theory

Four-in-One Avocado Tool

Blows your mind! But coincidentally (i think not), this is true!!

Press & Measure Bottle Precise amounts every time – without a spoon! Buy 2 & Save!

Migra-cap. Do you know someone with migraines? Please tell them about this, it has been a great help for me! Cold packs surrounding your head and just the right amount of pressure.

MIGRAINE DAY BUTTON...I need this for days I have one...get tired of people thinking Im being rude, when really Im just in pain.

OMG THIS EXPLAINS WHAT I FEEL INTO WORDS. I have been calling it, "the rumbling before a lightning storm" or "the feeling of impending doom" then "everything I look at is distorted" then migraine, then "grogginess"/"hangover feeling". I didn't realize that these were actual phases and everyone else gets them t

The Migraine Diet... totally need to start doing this... mine are beyond ridic.... for some reason really don't it's this reason alone

This is funny, but I've been lucky and the people around me do get it.

Practice Seated Forward Fold to soothe a headache and thwart oncoming migraines.

fighting inflammation with food

10 Yoga poses for health complaints(migraine, cramps, sugar cravings etc) -just tried the migraine pose....LOVE

Cranial Cap for Migraines by Elasto-Gel, $51 (Laugh if you will, but this sounds like the greatest thing ever if you're a migraine sufferer.)