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There is another quote about "the more I get to know people, the more I love my dog" lol

Quote on office ecard: I need a job where I work one hour a week and get paid a thousand dollars a minute.

We Zumba people love us some Pitbull. This could also apply to Daddy Yankee. Check out my post for more about music. thezumbamommy.blo...

I have to admit, I can't remember what I did yesterday, yet I have no trouble remembering every word to "Baby Got Back". | Confession Ecard |

Men say that women should come with instructions. What's the point of that? Have you ever seen a man actually read the instructions?

Oh My Freaking Stars!: Men & Instructions

Sorry but your password must contain an uppercase letter, a number, a haiku, a gang sign, a hieroglyph, and the blood of a virgin.

Wasn't that just so sweet of you to post that picture of us together where you looked like you were from Next Top Model and I looked like I was from the Walking Dead.Totally.

Funny Friendship Ecard: You know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'? You can be my friend.

10 Things I will do someday - MEME, LOL and Funny Pictures. Get the BEST and Funniest MEME, Funny Pictures and LOL from the Funny Pictures Blog.

10 Things I will do someday

...I am obsessed with the strangeness of this. I almost categorized it as poetry.

Funny Animal Pictures: Haters Gonna Hate

Funny Animal Pictures: Haters Gonna Hate

When you hear your jam.

This is How I Feel, Volume 52 - NEON FRESH

Oh My God Becky - Workout Tank - Womens Fitness - Funny Tank - Fitness | Ruffles with Love

Zombie Apocalypse workout tank by Lexi's Loft

Blog about all you can find

I wish going back home was as easy as clicking together sparkly red shoes.

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Even worse when looking up symptoms in nursing school books!

Please stop mistaking my wonderful sense of humor as flirtation. Just because I make you laugh does not mean I want you. I'm just naturally hilarious.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 67 Pics

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 67 Pics