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Graphic design uses informative designs to state a point that would not have been as effective enough if presented with another medium, like blocks of words. This method is used to spread the message more simpler and clearer to the intended audience using visuals to set a bigger impact to the viewer.

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When spray-painting, put the item in a cardboard box to stop it from getting on everything!

October Afternoon: Tuesday Tutorial: Clothesline Frame

Ribbon+Christmas+Tree+Craft | Holiday Decor: Ribbon Christmas Tree Craft Project

(Portfolio / Self Promo by Dyla Rosli.) Could be an interesting way to approach a graphic design project-- design a portfolio of your work.

Empty bottles, Scotch Blue Painters tape and some spray paint, another easy DIY project.

Make it look a bit more Christmasy with the background. Maybe do one with a foot from each family member and hang above entryway door.

Look--a spider craft made with eight eyes instead of just two!

Make colorful crayon rubbings of different kinds of leaves.

This quote is on the back of one of our cheer shirts except it says " Keep your head high, your bow higher, and your stunt the highest!"

21 creative consequences...these are awesome!

I love the decorating of pumpkins and not turning them into jack-o-lanters!

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