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my lord!!! ........... wooow........*__*

Dean Winchester

Twitter / FYeahSPN: My new fave thing is Dean ...

12 Reasons Why Girls Should Watch The World Cup…

12 Reasons Why Girls Should Watch The World Cup…

Tom Hiddleston, the plaid shirt and the open top buttons. . . *sigh* *swoon*

His face. His eyes. His smile. I just melted!!

Dean O'Gorman and Aiden Turner. I'm dead now, move along, nothing to see here.

"Brotherly" love

Thor And Loki: Brotherly Love


Whisper - Share Secrets, Express Yourself, Meet New People

I love much...can't stop watching it.

Leave it to the Sherlock fandom to solve the case of the unidentified booty. ---- and I'm dead.

Whose butt is this?

Jeremy Renner

Swa-Rai Crush of the Week: Jeremy Renner

Richard Armitage on being a brooder. Hey, the brood is pretty sexy.

Richard Armitage. ..... sigh.....

The only thing better than Richard Armitage? Richard Armitage in a tux :)

Jonas Armstrong.