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People who inspire me!

dale partridge - Founder a A visionary, philanthropist, entrepreneur & overall nice guy!

A little help can bring a lot of hope to a child who's lost everything. This week's shirts help to provide shelter, food, & care to precious orphans in Rwanda. Show them HOPE now ➔

Marty Celaya, a man who can find a champion in the dark!!! Thanks for believing in people!

"Utmost Living" book by Tim Storey

One more thing, one more time!!! I don't care what it takes... just get there!

Dr. Mark Chironna One of the most insightful, practical & relevant men I've ever heard! A man who is able to speak to the entire man. Mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally & relationally!

Josh is unbelievable. He's clear, frank & inspiring. He brings you to change with truth !!!

There is no road to freedom, freedom is the road.

Benny............ What a person driven by relationship to acquire an inheritance! YOU INSPIRE ME!

Tim.................... What can I say? He started it for me!........ I owe you!!

Marty ........ The mans a humble giant! So blessed to know & be a part of his family!

Rex..... what can I say...... He's the raw deal & He know's God!

Melissa ...........Doing something with Her life!!!

Katrina........ She's so wise!

How about your own magazine? These two ladies did it! SO CAN YOU!