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We have mutual hateness. We're completely compatible.

I think my Cousin would be upset if she saw this. It's her FB picture.

Ben Wok

Hope he doesn't get two tired.

Love Angry Babies. I need to find more of these.

One Stop Shopping!


Where did he ever find a Roto-Dial?

Clean up on Isle 12!

Sun + Shadow = Shlong

Named by Mayor Shitshitshit Fuckpiss!!!

You know you are a Dick If...

Just Make a Fist and Shove It In!

You know, Like the one who says she won't be your friend if you're my friend...Yeah, Her!

I don't think this church knows what they just posted.

Even though some Think that they do

Look closer. Yeppers. That's Perry!

He's Not Clowning Around!