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All my own creations.

Coming to Wichita for business, not tourism.

He voted for Mitt Romney.

Visiting the Wichita Art Museum.

A tale of two cash registers in Wichita.

Kansas Democrats choose a banquet speaker.

Kansas college professor reasoning on tuition.

Some of my Chinese friends quickly point out to people who come to promote Western values that, "Yes, weVe had a taste of that. Karl Marx, from Germany, imported his Western ideas and we don't like them very much." Communism, too, is a Western idea. —Tom G. Palmer

  • leah forever

    Ok then we dont like communism. When people tale about western values it is not refering to communism.

  • leah forever

    I do not care if communism comes from the far east west north south, i do not like communism and it is still evil.

  • leah forever

    No matter what part of the world it came from. When people talk about western values they arw referring to freedom liberty and juatice for all.

The compelling issue to both conservatives and liberals is not whether it is legitimate for government to confiscate one’s property to give to another, the debate is over the disposition of the pillage. — Walter E. Williams

The problem is big government. If whoever controls government can impose his way upon you, you have to fight constantly to prevent the control from being harmful. With small, limited government, it doesn’t much matter who controls it, because it can’t do you much harm. — Harry Browne

The free market is not a system. It is not a policy dictated by anyone in particular. It is not something that Washington implements. It does not exist in any legislation, law, bill, regulation, or book. It is what you get when people act on their own, entirely without central direction, and with their own property, and within human associations of their own creation and in their own interest. It is the beauty that emerges in absence of control. — Jeffrey Tucker

The great virtue of free enterprise is that it forces existing businesses to meet the test of the market continuously, to produce products that meet consumer demands at lowest cost, or else be driven from the market. It is a profit-and-loss system. Naturally, existing businesses generally prefer to keep out competitors in other ways. That is why the business community, despite its rhetoric, has so often been a major enemy of truly free enterprise. — Milton Friedman

A major source of objection to a free economy is precisely that ... it gives people what they want instead of what a particular group thinks they ought to want. Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself. — Milton Friedman

You should always believe what you read in the newspapers, for that makes them more interesting. — Rose Macauley

Cronyism: An example of how it works.

What do grocery store checkout clerks look like when the minimum wage is $15?

  • Wendy Clark

    Only in America! Other countries pay a living wage, and people still have jobs. Americans are some of the most scared of change people in the world.

  • Aloe

    You've got that right Wendy.

  • Wayne McGlothlin

    Wendy, if you had spent as much time as I have in other countries you wouldn't be so quick to put down America (I know it's "cool" and all that). In US Dollars, even European countries pay many employees low wages. You might want to check some facts about unemployment rates before claiming how great jobs are elsewhere. Scared of change? Hardly. Scared that our greatness as a nation is slowly being eroded away? Certainly.

  • Aloe

    What is you suggestion Wayne? That we continue to let greedy corporations get corporate welfare? That certainly hasn't gotten us any where either. What's trickling down on us isn't money.

  • Wendy Clark

    Wayne, you probably have travelled more than me, and I really can only compare this to my own experiences. But I am a duel citizen, US and Australia. I do know for a fact that I was paid approximately $18 an in Australia for the same job that I get $7.50 an hour here. It's a joke. Australian economy is powering Wayne. People have jobs. I do realize it's a more expensive country to live in, but on what I am earning here, I would also be on food stamps to support my children if I didn't have husband to support us all. I truly feel that this is something that ALL Americans should be ashamed of. Time for a change.

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