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elephant journal nominated best Yoga & Fitness blog: 2010 Intent Awards. ~ Apr 22, 2010

elephant declines generous investment offers, remains independent media, takes loan, has 2.5 months. Reader Link model. ~ Waylon Lewis, Mar 25, 2010

@elephantjournal wins national 2010 Twitter national Shorty Award in “Green.” ~ Jan 26, 2010

Waylon Lewis’s post: “Method’s Dirty, Dirty Spoof vs. Toxic Household Cleaners” ft. on Huffington Post GREEN and LIVING! ~ Waylon Lewis on Nov 23, 2009

What is elephant about? ~ Oct 11, 2009

New on Huffington Post: I tell the masses about “Ocean of Dharma,” free weekly Buddhist quotes via Chogyam Trungpa. ~ Waylon Lewis on Sep 26, 2009

Who’re the Greenest Video Blogs of them all? & elevision, now called Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis, makes the list courtesy Karl Burkart of Green Dig and mega green site MNN. May 9, 2009

Mindful Businesses Unite! Invitation: The Community Tote is back. Apr 25, 2009

The Onion sponsors elephant journal’s Walk the Talk Show, Boulder Theater, May 6. Apr 24, 2009

Sundance, land of the Hummer, turns Green! Sorta! ~ Waylon & his Walk The Talk Show on Apr 14, 2009

Video:’s Waylon Lewis goes to “green” 2008 Sundance Film Festival. ~ Apr 2, 2009

Apr 1, 2009: Elephant to Publish Magazine Again. {April Fool’s edition}

Best of elephant history: Mar 30, 2009 " now has a Facebook Page. Become a Fan!"

elephant journal founder Waylon Lewis featured on Planet Green. Mar 16, 2009

Buddhist Waylon Lewis contemplates his walk, and his Elephant Journal at Boulder's Trident Booksellers and Cafe. ~ Douglas Brown, The Denver Post, April 5, 2012

(Please repin to spread the word.) Welcome to elephant! We invite you to submit your writing for possible publication on elephant. Our quality standard is very high, but we will be happy to review your submission and tell you whether we think it will work for our readers. See "How to become an elephant wrtier:

Waylon Lewis: New media pioneer, lazy yogi, elephant lover Waylon Lewis is a whirling dynamo of editorial energy. Find out what this new media mogul thinks about the changing world of journalism and the Internet. Fri, Jul 15 2011

The Poet Who Changed America Allen Ginsberg—Beat Poet Activist Queer American Buddhist. Co-founder of Naropa’s Kerouac School. ~ from the 50th Anniversary of Howl at Naropa. Feb. 18, 2009. This is really good. Take the time to read it slowly. The best is at the end. --Bob W.

Yesterday, I got hit by a car. I was fine. My bike was not. ~ Waylon Lewis on Feb 17, 2009. "I gotta survive two more months, financially-speaking, and at that point the many advertisers who have been jumping on board the elephant web site will have brought me to break-even, which is a sunny-side-up way of saying ‘broke.’"

  • Trina Summers

    My dad was killed by a car on his bike one month ago. Glad you are okay.

A little bit of elephant history. This is actually the "About" tab on the website, and is badly in need of an update. But as history, you'll find it pretty interesting, I think.

elephant journal founder Waylon Lewis’ essay featured among ’9 Prominent Buddhists’ in 30th Anniversary issue of Shambhala Sun. Go out and buy it, support ‘em! Jan 27, 2009