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GENIUS! Totally stealing this for someday :)

Pillows, Custom Pillows & Personalized Pillows | Shutterfly

Funny Ecards - Not really funny... Mostly annoying. Put your big girl panties on and take responsibility for your decisions.

Ilustraciones Wawawiwa! Harry Potter "Got your nose!"

Comparing fractions

1000 Life Hacks For me when the kids homework gets too hard for me to help them

Crazy to think Grayer went through all this!!! You would never know today that he was once my 1lb 15oz "Little Man" :) MIRACLE!!!!!

Teenager (noun): someone who is well prepared for a zombie apocalypse but not ready for tomorrow's math test.

Keep calm and squirrel! @Cassidy Ratliff

Way.. Way.. Way in the future haha.. things to teach your kids before their first date. i especially loved the boy list. wish more parents of boys would teach them these things.

A lesson in handwashing. The Hand Washing Lesson My K-2 students absolutely loved this. The lesson uses lotion-covered hands and glitter to illustrate how germs spread. I placed glitter on one student’s hand and had the student shake hands, high five, and share a pencil with other students, and watching their reactions when they then had glitter (germs) on their hands was great! They then took turns washing their hands, learning just how much effort you should always... how neat !!!

Ideas for ways to create memories with your son! they grow up so fast... 20 great mom & son date ideas!