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Fab ♥

  • Mary Marshall

    Looking great easily means always being comfortable in what you wear. And knowing it. It becomes easier to look great. SImple Classic Fashion. mm

Handwoven Scarf..I have one just like this in black and wear it all the time! mm


  • Mary Marshall

    Oh yes this is definite yes. Even if you see anything that makes an impression on you for a moment, go buy it. But you have to know you would look amazing in it!

short hair

  • Mary Marshall

    A very dear friend of mine & I always for every year a woman gets older, she cuts her hair 1/2" until she is old and bald! Well that was 20 years ago and we both have fairly short hair now. I find that my eyes are bigger and I look much better than I did then, but that is from an older woman's soul.