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Salvage from twenty-two houses, a church, a barn and a meeting house went in to creating this house. When I found it it was a creature of vinyl and aluminum and fluorescence, though the very heart of it was 1840. Everything now visible, inside and out, is something I dragged in from some other place.

Chernobyl III by ~TheDustCollector on deviantART

church and cemetery-- * I love to go to old cemetery's to see the oldest year (and the unique old names)---and wonder what that person's life was about! All of history that is there.

Abandoned barn south of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on Highway 363 W. September 14, 1994. From the collection of Joanne Abrahamson.

Gingerbread House in Norway, Maine. What was once a beautiful house and had fallen into a very poor state is being saved and moved to a new location. Not sure what exactly will be done with it. It was built in 1851. The Gingerbread House is also known as the Evans-Cummings House for two notable residents of Norway: Richard Evans, who built it, and Charles B. Cummings, who later owned it.

'Abandoned Armenia''- a kind of appeal to the rescue of cultural heritage of the Armenian nation. Kobayr (in Քոբայր) - monastery, located near the town of Tumanyan, Lori Province, Armenia.

Love this old craggy pink building

In ruins: Wyndclyffe mansion in Rhinebeck, NY, has been abandoned for over half a century

Abandoned amusement park in Italy