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Link Building Opportunities with Weekly Round Ups from @Chris Dyson

Fighting Back Against Writer's Block #writersblock

How to move your website without killing it!

Round up of key events - with links to great posts that have tackled the topic of Penguin.

Interesting look at the role PR (& specifically press-releases) have to play post-penguin.

A review of all the different updates that happened around Penguin - & advice on what to do if any of them slapped you.

Discussion post on how #penguin has changed #linkbuilding tactics.

Guest blogging tips - it's not all about the link!

Google isn't the only one targeting spam #pinterest is too.

4 easy steps to improve customer retention.

An SME closes its doors after a penguin-slapped. What went wrong? Who's to blame?

The War on "Free" Clicks - why it's harder to rank organically, but why you maybe shouldn't care.

The new SEO: Changing Tactics & Processes Post-Penguin

Aren't you tired of guest blogging spam?

37 Reasons Your Online Marketing Strategy is Failing (long post, worth the effort)

Tongue-in-cheek look at SEO tactics of varying degrees of grey - looking at a post-penugin world.

Key PPC Metrics & How They Relate to a Successful PPC Campaign. Beginner's advice. www.boom-online.c...

A writer's view of penguin - controversially slates the SEO industry en masse, but his basic point (penguin helps writers) is sound.

Post-Penguin Marketing Ideas - basic advice, but sometimes you've got to go back to basics.

How penguins changed the face of safari for Discovery Africa: case study of how one brand has switched to content marketing.

@Katie Saxon picks her favourite internet marketing tweeters. www.boom-online.c...

James looks at the types of content your business could produce to get started with content marketing. www.boom-online.c...

Using Google Ad Planner for Link Building. Highlights the importance of link quality in a post-penguin world.