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Baby Frodo cosplay #Hobbit

Run Like Ron Weasley Runs From Spiders, Harry Potter Workout Shirt, Geek Fitness, Athletic Grey American Apparel Tank Top on Etsy, $21.00

"I’m a female writer and, what’s interesting about the Wizarding World is, when you take physical strength out of the equation, a woman can fight just the same as a man can fight, a woman can do magic just as powerfully as a man can do magic and I consider that I’ve written a lot of well-rounded female characters in these books." - JK Rowling

Hunger Games, Katniss' song, Rue's lullaby. Please, yes. ♥

ain't nobody got time for that.... WANT!! WHY CAN'T I HAVE THIS? Sweet brown! @jessicahowel


Harry Potter + TOMS = I need these as soon as possible.

AHHHHH! Paige loves harry potter maybe next year we can have a harry potter bday

Our wishes have been granted. Edible Harry Potter cake featuring Hedwig.

Harry Potter DIY Wands Tutorial. Perfect for my boyfriend haha

Glue a pom pom ball to the top of students' dry erase markers for an instant eraser! So easy and smart!

I want to make one of my kids wear this, all it needs it Tom's T-shirt that says "will do ewok dance for $1"