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Build your own awesome backyard "rocket stove", which cooks food using only twigs and debris like palm fronds for fuel.

Toba Eco Stove ~ a Ceramic pellet stove made of 90% recyclable material by Italian design firm MCZ was awarded anIF Product Design Award for quality and innovation.

no electricity, four hige rooms heated with two logs. -3 outside. Put in another one for the rest of the house.

Fugly brick fireplace + DIY paint job = lovely fireplace. I am glowering at my red orange brick monstrosity at this very moment, muttering vague brush shaped threats at it.

AB Chao's Project: Fireplace Paint Job

great kindling holders! Just don't put them that near the fire. Especially an open fire with no spark guard or glass door. Not that you should store them so close even WITH a guard or glass door. Beautiful, yes.....just set them somewhere safe cos the charred house look is not "in" this year.

Teenager dies after wood-burning stove leaks *carbon monoxide* (news story). Must remember to go and buy a --CO alarm-- as well as smoke alarms ASAP.

Lifghting a fire to burn from top to bottom, rather than from bottom to top. Just getting to grips with this. Much less smoke it seems than the more traditional way.

Heat accumulation stove from Northern Italy. Hot fast fire twice a day, the internal fire bricks store and slowly release the heat to give even temps over the day/night. Massive kerfuffle to have one installed (not plug and play at all) but lots of houses where I live have them and they seem to be worth the hassle of having it built in.

Heat accumulating fireplaces in soap stone from Norway. You only light two fast hot fires per day and the soap stone captures and then slowly releases the heat. No more dashing in and out for another log all day. But v. expensive. Still want one though.

look for excuses as to why it fell down and go back to step 3. A less romantic and postive look at Holz Hausen and their claimed amazing drying superpowers. I still want to do one though. Cos they are very pretty.

Build a Holz Miete (which is a very very pretty woodstore indeed)

Build a Holz Miete (aka - a pretty round wood stack)

Come riciclare la cenere del camino e delle stufe a pellets

Split logs using minimum force (allegedly). I want one so badly I could spit.

Pellet basket, to burn pellets in a log burning stove\fireplace.