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Favorite Places & Spaces

You Know You're a Crafter When...

You Know You're a Crafter When... | U Create

Katakana- this is the other alphabet. It's the phonetic alphabet for all words of foreign origin. Paris, London, car, Mary...Katakana (カタカナ) is one of two Japanese syllablaries. Unlike an alphabet each character forms one syllable. There are 49 characters in total. Katakana is mostly used for foreign loan words or emphasis.

Leavening the lump for one penny a day. The humidified records from the Archives.

Leavening the lump for one penny a day. This is the memorial bridge over the Kennebec River, Augusta, Maine. I just love this river. I have seen it in full flood stage and also when it is at very low tide and all the rocks are visible. I have also seen Osprey's leaving the river with a fish in their talons. a magnificent sight.

Mountain Top Moments this is my presidents quilt made for me by the guild 2011. the pattern is named "Shakespeare in the Park" and block pattern has several names such as monkey wrench or snails trail or virginia reel.

Mountain Top Moments

Genealogy Gems News: A Key to Unlocking Genealogy Brick Walls

Genealogy Gems News: A Key to Unlocking Genealogy Brick Walls

Leavening the lump for one penny a day. Lupines in the Androscoggin watershed in Maine, USA.

: Holdings in the Archives of MaineThis is an original in every way. Hand penned on animal skin and is 196 years old.

Leavening the lump for one penny a day.: a different view of the battle

how I feel when I think of Jesus.

Lodging house with Red Telephone booth. We wondered if it led to the Ministry of Magic from Harry Potter but found it locked with a padlock. I suppose we would not fit in with the Ministry of Magic after all, but would like to have made a phone call just the same.

Cap'n Fish guarantees sighting of a Whale. we wondered if he had a personal supply of whales to use for sighting for tourists?

this is Tulum a Mayan Ruin. I have visited this spot and the water is truly this clear and the and unbelievably white.

This is Prescott, Az. The mountain in the background is Thumb Butte. They tell me it is actually a cinder cone. I have climbed this mountain because someone carved a trail on the side of it.

I have been to Luzerne, Switzerland and walked along this wooden bridge over the river. This is in the German speaking part of the Country of Switzerland. We drank real Swiss Hot chocolate in one of the little bistro's that are found along the street on the other side of this bridge.