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White anemone

Amazing Stuffz: Flowers

Candytuft 'Apple Blossom'-Iberis Umbelleta (annual)-low growing often seen in rock gardens. Can also be grown in borders or containers. Drought tolerant & works wonderfully in stone wall crevices, as an edging or a ground cover. Full sun, though it will adapt to partial shade. An average soil is fine, as long as it's well drained. Wet feet will rot the plants or cause disease.

Rosa Charlotte ('Auspoly') (PBR) - A compact rose with somewhat upright stems bearing mid-sized, cup-shaped blooms in a butter yellow shade. The flowers are very beautiful and have a reasonably strong Tea Rose perfume. Noted for its cold hardiness, this rose is a great choice for Northern gardens, or those that are exposed to severe winters.

Rosa 'Charlotte = 'Auspoly' (PBR)' - rose Charlotte (shrub)

Rosa Princess Anne ('Auskitchen') (PBR) - Previewed at The Chelsea Flower Show in 2010 by David Austin, this beautiful new rose stems from a new breeding line. It has upright growth covered with thick, glossy foliage that has a remarkable resistance to the more common rose diseases. The full-petalled and fragrant flowers appear in large clusters over a prolonged period, first emerging a reddish-pink before fading to rich pink as they mature.

This combination of drought-tolerant plants is great if you don't want to spend hours watering

Dry Sun Plant Combination - Dry Sun Plant Combination

A great combination of low maintenance plants - Centranthus ruber, Erigeron karvinskianus, Euphorbia cornigera 'Goldener Turm' and Geranium 'Brookside'

Create a year-round carpet of lush foliage using these pretty plants - ideal for a partially shaded low-maintenance garden

This combination of Geraniums, Alchemilla and Vinca minor will work a treat if your border is on a steep slope

'Steep Slope Plant Combination' - Steep Slope Plant Combination

These sun-loving perennials will provide months and months of interest and will thrive in a dry border

The flattened, rosy-red flowerheads are held on upright stems above the aromatic fern-like foliage throughout summer. This cultivar is said to have a good resistance to colour fade. Best in full sun in the middle rank of the border. Achilleas will attract many beneficial insects including bees, butterflies and hoverflies to the garden.

Achillea millefolium 'Red Velvet' - yarrow

Achilleas are in vogue again, thanks in part to the many different colours and cultivars that have become available in recent years. Achillea was named by Linnaeus, the modern father of horticulture, in honour of the Greek hero Achilles. They are generally short-lived perennials, with flat, plate-like flowerheads held high on tall stems, and ferny foliage beneath. This one has masses of tiny, sometimes pink-flushed, orange-red flowers with yellow centres, that age to creamy yellow.

Achillea 'Walther Funcke' - yarrow

Noted for its uniform and prolonged flowering period, this bushy yarrow will certainly liven things up in a sunny border. Unlike many of the others, it holds its flower colour well, and as it is relatively compact, it is also excellent in pots. Perfect too for the wildlife garden, as it will attract many beneficial insects, including bees, butterflies and hoverflies.

Achillea millefolium 'Pomegranate (Tutti Frutti Series)' - yarrow

Elegant summer flowers with pink flushed creamy-white outer petals and tiny, canary-yellow, incurving, inner petals. This delicately scented white peony is ideal for an open sunny border. The deeply cut pale to mid-green leaves are excellent for masking the faded foliage of early spring flowering bulbs.

Paeonia lactiflora 'Laura Dessert' - paeony / peony

Recently introduced, this new coneflower produces its double, orange-red flowerheads on well branching stems throughout summer. The flowerheads hold their colour well as they mature and will add vibrancy to a ‘hot’ themed border.

Echinacea 'Hot Papaya (PBR)' - coneflower

Delicate, papery, soft pink flowers which are held on wiry stems above attractive deeply lobed, mid-green leaves. This delightful masterwort is a vigorous variety with a much longer flowering period than most pink or red varieties. It looks particularly fetching planted with grasses and is garden designer, Piet Oudolf's favourite masterwort.

Astrantia 'Roma (PBR)' - masterwort

Rosa Lady of Shalott ('Ausnyson') (PBR) - Masses of lightly scented, apricot-orange blooms appear on the slightly arching stems of this bushy shrub rose throughout the summer. A tough plant that rarely succumbs to diseases, it will put on a magnificent display with the minimum of fuss.

Rosa William Shakespeare ('Ausromeo') (PBR) - A truly superb variety with exquisite blooms of the richest crimson, which gradually deepen to a decadent purple. The flowers are deeply cupped at first becoming flatter as they age and have a strong old rose fragrance. An excellent rose that has good disease resistance. Launched at the Chelsea flower show 2000 by the famous rose breeder David Austin.

Троянда англійська "Фальстаф"

Троянди англійські

Троянда англійська "Пілігрим"

Троянди англійські

Троянда англійська "Абрахам Дерби"

Троянди англійські

Троянда англійська "Голубая луна"

Троянди англійські

Троянда англійська "Сер Ланселот"

Троянди англійські

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