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Rev. Barber said that today’s moral fusion movement in the form of the third reconstruction must be effected not in a right/left manner. He said it is not about Democrat or Republican. It is about a moral principle, the establishment of justice.

"It's the countries where neo-liberalism is most hegemonic and with strong neo-liberal regimes (both in power and lurking on the sidelines to retake power) that have bred the most active denial campaigns—US, UK, Australia and now Canada." (Neoliberalism is an economic philosophy centered on the importance of free markets and broadly opposed to big government interventions.)

Koch High: How The Koch Brothers Are Buying Their Way Into The Minds Of Public School Students Lesson plans and class materials obtained by The Huffington Post make the course's message clear: The minimum wage hurts workers and slows economic growth. Low taxes and less regulation allow people to prosper. Public assistance harms the poor. Government, in short, is the enemy of liberty.

We’d like to thank Bruce for his very thoughtful and thought-provoking study of the right-wing’s attempt to decimate our nation: America’s Conservative Road to Destruction – A Brief History

A good example of how the Koch Bros bribe your representatives to sell you down the river.

The Koch Brothers pick their stooges carefully, but they still cannot get quality help.

Koch teams up with Fox employees - At least 15 Fox News hosts and contributors have recently campaigned with two political organizations created and heavily funded by billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch. Many of those same Fox News personalities have also defended the Kochs from attacks and praised their political efforts on-air.

Koch teams up with Fox employees

Mississippi, dependent on federal largess, murders their cash cow today: It gets worse—those same conservatives are eagerly accepting the aid of the Koch brothers in their effort to oust Cochran. Why are the Koch brothers opposed to Cochran? Because he stood in the way of their insurance companies raising flood insurance premiums. So congratulations, Mississippi Republicans, you're helping the Kochs jack up your insurance rates, and punishing the guy who protected you.

This is what happens when Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, Tom Cotton, Cory Gardner and a gang of the world’s richest people meet behind closed doors.

Inside the Koch Brothers' Secret Billionaire Summit

Interests, Ideology And the Climate Denial Machine. These attacks frequently seek to create the notion that climate scientists are part of an evil cabal seeking to take away your freedom in support of creating a socialist world government.

Interests, Ideology And the Climate Denial Machine

You wonder why the Koch's give money without strings to Liberal institutions until you see that PBS was the recipient of one such grant and the Kochs threatened to pull the plug unless the Public Broadcaster refused to air an unflattering (but truthful) documentary that was made about them. You never know when you need leverage.

Charles Koch's long history of education funding

Can Michigan Families Afford To Pay More? The survey AFP uses for the ad only looked at the individual and small group market, which represents about 40 percent of the insurance sold in Michigan. So it doesn't even apply to the 60 percent majority of insured people in the state, who have their coverage through their workplace. The six brokers polled say premiums are rising for 40 percent of the people with insurance, and Obamacare is causing the whole state to go broke!

HUGE SCANDAL: Judge Who Blocked Scott Walker Criminal Probe Went on Koch-Funded Junkets - Randa regularly attends “judicial junkets”, all-expenses paid seminars conducted by George Mason University, and funded by the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation and allied groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, BP, Exxon Mobil, Dow Chemical, and the Searle Freedom Trust. All are united in promoting a right-wing, corporate-friendly, anti-regulation agenda.

Why are the Koch brothers opposing solar energy? Because solar energy is taking off. Because the efficiency and durability of photovoltaics have been skyrocketing, in part because we had the wisdom to use some mild incentives to boost an important new industry the way public roads spurred the rise of the automobile. Only with this difference: renewable energy systems are improving far faster than airplanes or automobiles did, in their nascent days!

CONTRARY BRIN: Why are the Koch brothers opposing solar energy?

Koch Brothers Get Ready To Drill In The Oilsands: Already the largest foreign leaseholder in Alberta’s controversial oilsands, a Koch Industries subsidiary has filed an application to start development on the Dunkirk oil project. The Kochs, whose combined net worth is estimated at more than $100 billion, are highly influential in Washington. They are supporters of Canada’s conservative Fraser Institute, which has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from the wealthy duo.

Koch Brothers Get Ready To Drill In The Oilsands

Koch Brothers Driving Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to Cut Out Venezu...

Robert Greenwald discusses the Koch Brothers with Ed Schultz


These brothers are hell-bent on opposing any climate legislation. Which brothers? You guessed it – the Koch brothers. Here’s how their organization, Americans for Prosperity, contributed to Governor Christie’s change of heart about the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative:

Americans for “prosperity”? More like “mass destruction”.

Koch Brothers And ALEC Expand Fight On Clean Energy Users: The right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is in the middle of the state- and local-level clean energy disputes that are currently evolving almost as quickly as the solar and wind technologies themselves. ALEC, known for advancing corporate interests, is aligned with the Koch brothers in the current heated exchange — how to make distributed solar power look bad.

Koch Brothers And ALEC Expand Fight On Clean Energy Users

Koch-Funded Groups Continue Their Assault On Kansas Clean Energy Law. Repeal and weakening efforts over the years have been backed by powerful interests, including the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) — all of which are funded by petrochemical billionaires Charles and David Koch.

Heartland Institute NIPCC Climate Denier Craig Idso: “Climate Change Is Good For You”

At least 3 injured in plant explosion | Surprise, Surprise: Exploding TX Plywood Mill Belongs to the Koch Brothers (Video)