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Bad Koch Bros.

Kochs now harassing voters in Illinois with registration mailers. All over the state, people have been calling to find out if they really do have to re-register, because all of the mailings from Americans For Prosperity are meant to look like they're coming from elections officials. They're also wondering why their dead relatives are getting these letters, because they're going to a lot of deceased people.

Kochs now harassing voters in Illinois with registration mailers

Papantonio: Koch Bros Trying To Purchase Iowa Senate Race

North Carolina election officials are investigating a mailer sent by a conservative advocacy group funded by Art Pope and the Koch brothers that contained misinformation about voter registration. The public's concern about the mailer's intent has been amplified by AFP's close ties to the billionaire Koch brothers of the Koch Industries oil and chemical conglomerate and their close North Carolina ally, millionaire businessman Art Pope, all of whom have been involved in efforts to restrict voting.

8 Shocking Things the Kochs Have Done to Amass Their Fortune - If you think oligarchs only exist in developing nations, you really don't know America.

8 Shocking Things the Kochs Have Done to Amass Their Fortune

"Koch Facts" calls our story "dishonest and misleading." A point-by-point rebuttal. The salient feature of Koch's response is that the company does not argue the core facts of our 9,000-word expose. Instead, Koch targets the messenger

Koch Industries Responds to Rolling Stone – And We Answer Back

It turns out that AFP has sent hundreds of thousands of these error-ridden, confusing voter registration forms in North Carolina, and both local elections offices and the state board of elections have been swamped with phone calls from confused voters. The forms had numerous bits of misinformation, from filing deadlines to where to send the completed forms to who to contact for more information. The scope of this misinformation is massive

News Corp and Occidental Among Latest Firms to Cut Ties with ALEC | PR Watch

News Corp and Occidental Among Latest Firms to Cut Ties with ALEC

Survey of political experts says Terri Lynn Land has the worst campaign in Michigan - You have to be a special kind of stupid and a common kind of greedy to become a Koch Bros. stooge.

Dirty tricks: Koch-backed group mails out misleading voter registration info in NC - Hundreds of people who received the packet have contacted the State Board of Elections complaining that the information in it is confusing, contradictory, and in some cases, incorrect. Adam C. Nicholson, a spokesman for Americans for Prosperity, has declined to say how many people were sent the forms, where the group obtained their voter lists, or how the mistakes occurred.

Training Tea Party Activists In Guerilla Internet Tactics - BUSTED! This clip shows Austin James of American Majority training tea party activists on guerrilla internet tactics to "control the online dialogue". The footage was shot at the 2009 American Liberty Tour, run by a group of libertarian groups tied to real-estate mogul and Koch associate Howie Rich.

Koch brothers -- coming to a classroom near you. "education has become an area of public policy where powerful free-market interests are looking to rally grassroots Americans to their cause, which is why groups like the oil-billionaire Koch brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity are now launching issue campaigns and promoting position papers and backing local school board candidacies with the kind of money that used to be reserved for legislative or even statewide races." Colorado Independent

WASHINGTON -- Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, the central hub of the political empire of the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, reported raising $57.5 million in 2013 and disbursing $41.7 million to organizations in the Koch network. ...

Kochs proving toxic to Republicans in key states Boy, Ernst really knows how to pick her friends. Remember when Republicans were smugly insisting that the Kochs had such a low profile that it was a total waste of time for Democrats to focus on ...

Kochs proving toxic to Republicans in key states

Koch-linked group harassing Iowa farmers group for endorsing Democrat - Joni Ernst, Koch favorite and not the choice of the Corn Growers. There's no question that Iowa Republican Joni Ernst is 100 percent Koch, and that Koch and the groups Koch funds will go to any ...

In His First Appearance On Meet The Press Bernie Sanders Terrifies The Koch Brothers

Koch foundation proposal to college: Teach our curriculum, get millions | Center for Public Integrity

Kochs backing out of blue-state Senate races The Koch brothers' group Freedom Partners has stopped running ads in Oregon and Michigan, where climate-friendly Democrats are in the lead.

Kochs backing out of blue-state Senate races

Charles Koch Founded Anti-Environment Group That Protects Oil Industry Tax Breaks, Documents Reveal - Planet Experts

Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-backed Super PAC, was one of the groups that gave Rubio cover from the political blowback that followed his endorsement of the Senate’s immigration reform bill. In turn, Rubio has supported the Kochs’ agenda by spreading skepticism about climate change science and by advocating for other antiregulatory policies that would boost the Kochs’ bottom line.

What Marco Rubio Told a Secret Koch Fundraiser (Exclusive)