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Artificial sweeteners may promote diabetes, claim scientists Controversial research suggests artificial sweeteners may raise blood sugar levels by promoting growth of certain gut bacteria.

Artificial sweeteners may promote diabetes, claim scientists

Four Ways Industrial Ag Is Destroying the Soil - and Your Health

Four Ways Industrial Ag Is Destroying the Soil - and Your Health

The EPA, whose mission is to to protect human health and the environment, has approved Monsanto's request to allow levels of glyphosate (Roundup) contamination in your food up to a million times higher than have been found carcinogenic.

#SmartHealthTalk Alert: ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE: World Health Organization asks factory farms STOP using antibiotics to boost animal growth. Daily doses in feed keep alive in horrific conditions, MAKE FAT FASTER. (PEOPLE TOO) High wt/less feed to slaughter so $$. DON'T BUY. Broil organic chicken in oven/Bar-B-Q. Leftovers in soups,stir fries,wraps. Bones to broth dogfood. W/fast food addicted to chemicals. www.smarthealthta...

Johnathan Safran Foer wrote a book called “Eating Animals” where he explores the many ways that animals are farmed. He brings the audience into the hellish life and death of 98% of farmed animals. Johnathan Safran Foer is one of my favorite my favorite Authors. He wrote a book called “Eating Animals” where he explores the many ways that animals are farmed. He brings the audience into the hellish life and death of 98% of farmed animals.

A common genetic variant that affects one in three people appears to significantly increase the risk of colorectal cancer from the consumption of processed meat, according to study published today in PLOS Genetics.

What the Starbucks?! Tell Starbucks to serve only organic milk from cows not fed GMOs -Currently, Starbucks serves milk from cows living in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), that are fed a grain diet comprised almost entirely of GMO corn, soy, alfalfa, and cottonseed.

"Top 10 breakfast cereals most likely to contain Monsanto's GMO corn" BT corn makes its own insecticide that destroys the guts of insects in small doses (like what an insect would eat). How much more corn does your child eat at breakfast?

The GM farming system has made exposure to Roundup herbicide a daily fact of our existence, and according to the latest US Geological Survey study its probably in the air you are breathing. Glyphosate was the predominant new herbicide detected in both air (86%) and rain (77%) in 2007, but were not measured in 1995.

To protect profits threatened by a lawsuit over its controversial herbicide atrazine, Syngenta Crop Protection launched an aggressive multi-million dollar campaign that included hiring a detective agency to investigate scientists on a federal advisory panel, looking into the personal life of a judge and commissioning a psychological profile of a leading scientist critical of atrazine.

There is a near consensus among public health experts that the bulk antibiotics produced by the Animal Health Institute’s member companies are accelerating the approach of a post-antibiotics nightmare scenario, in which superbugs routinely emerge from our farms and wreak havoc on a human population living among the ruins of modern medicine. The bloc of skeptics who view AHI’s mission with mounting anxiety includes the World Health Organization and the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

Remember how Microsoft was run when Bill Gates was in charge?

Pink Slime is Back! Actually, it never left. Thankfully- Cargill, one of the nations leading beef suppliers, is helping us rid the slime of dangerous bacteria like e.coli, salmonella and MRSA! Unfortunately they're using Citric Acid derived from GMO Corn and GMO Sugar Beets...

Farm and Pharmaceutical Lobbies Push Back Against Antibiotics Legislation: Center for Responsive Politics data show that The American Farm Bureau, the large nonprofit representing the interests of the farm industry, has spent more than $3.3 million on lobbying in the first three quarters of 2013, partly to advocate for the use of antibiotics.

Pesticides’ Affect [sic] on Generations of Field-Workers. click the web link for the full story

Smart Health Talk Alert: WASHINGTON 9-11-13: Monsanto Protection Act included in House appropriations bill that funds through 12-13. Center for Food Safety: Provision would DEPRIVE courts of authority to stop sale/planting of potentially hazardous, GMO crops & force USDA to permit continued planting of such crops upon request. "100s of 1,000s of Americans called elected officials to say didn't want Monsanto Protection Act' past spring. Its inclusion is a slap in the face to the American public.

Smart Health Talk Warning: Front Groups Exposed—50 Industry Groups Form Alliance to Manipulate Public Opinion About Junk Food, GMOs, Harmful Additives. Headline reminded me how in 2003 food industry showed how they can bring gov't to knees w/their power & force us to eat junk. Why junk cheaper than organic veggies www.theguardian.c... Take away their power: Don't buy/eat their products. Use "BUYCOTT" app to know which products NOT TO BUY. W/O sales their nothing.