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little house...little box...little present!


gold rush

gold rush

Folding a simple 3D origami house by Troy Alexander. Here's my tutorial... I run through two iterations of folding the house, so hopefully between the two of them you'll get the views you need to replicate the process yourself. As my email to the IRON folders said, feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Diorama Making Tutorial: How to use cork to make rubble. Link to website also.


miniature gold rush projects for dollhouses, room boxes and dioramas.

Gold Rush model


Gold rush picture

  • Tania Dagher Moussa

    Do you know where can I find the people figures used in this diorama?

  • AM de C

    I found some at Michael's.

  • Tania Dagher Moussa

    Thank you. I did not see any. Maybe I should check with them again.

  • AM de C

    My daughter did a small scale project 1+years ago. Michael's didn't have a large variety. We had to get creative using farm figure people and animal. It was fun. Good luck.