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Best Women’s Mountain Bikes

Best Women's Mountain Bikes

Various health and safety tips to keep your children protected this summer.

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Kidney stones are often called the worst pain on earth. Personal horror stories abound about them. No wonder, look at the photo, can you imagine passing that? It’s easy to believe that horrific pain


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Decorative Walking Canes for Women- Choose a Pretty One!

As I headed toward the pharmacy at the back of CVS, a bright orange package with large white letters caught my eye. "WhoNu? nutrition rich cookies,"...

You can find Mountain Bikes For Women in several styles and colors below. Mountain biking is becoming more popular with women, and there are many...

A child's first baseball glove is something he/she will remember forever! Kids baseball gloves have historically been very difficult to use, which oftentimes leads to frustration. Manufacturers today have recognized this issue and have started using alternate materials that allow children to use them much more easily. Instead of stiff, thick cowhide leather composing the whole glove, modern kids ball gloves are made of numerous materials including pigskin. Cowhide may be used where it is needed most, but these gloves are designed for comfort and performance. They almost feel like they can catch the ball themselves. Youth baseball gloves are now designed with the child's hand eye coordination and physical skills in mind. The physical skill of an adult means adult gloves can be made differently depending on the nature of the position they play, and with more webbing to allow them to snare baseballs a little more easily. A child's finger dexterity and strength aren't fully developed, so they're not going to be able to use a glove with the skill of an older youth or adult ball player. There are gloves for even very young children, which is something that couldn't be done decades ago.

Have you heard? There is a new requirement this year for teener and high school baseball...Just bats that meet the new BBCOR criteria will be legal. If you haven't gotten your new BBCOR Bat yet, check the options below. If you can't find it here, Check at BaseballBats BBCOR (Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution) is something you've probably heard a lot about recently; it's the new standard currently governing adult baseball bats used in collegiate play, and it will be implemented for high school play in 2012. Rather than measuring the ratio of the ball exit speed to pitch and bat speeds (like with BESR), BBCOR measures the trampoline effect of the bat. In the past, when a pitched ball made contact with an alloy or composite bat, the barrel would flex inward ever so slightly and the ball would retain some of its energy resulting in farther hits. Wood bats don't have as much "give" to them and the ball loses much of its energy upon impact. The BBCOR standard ensures that non-wood bats perform more comparably to wood bats in an attempt to level the playing field.

Sandy Koufax, born in Brooklyn, New York, was arguably the greatest curveball pitcher of all time. His career was only 12 seasons, ending with a permanently damaged elbow. In that short time, he won 3 Cy Young awards, pitched 4 no-nos, threw 40 shutouts, struck out 2,396 batters (average of over 1K per inning) and pitched 137 complete games. This lens on throwing the curveball may not make you the next Sandy Koufax but it will teach you the proper mechanics. Looking for more baseball tips, checkout the Coaches Corner at Mechanicsburg Baseball Weekly.

Glaucoma is one of those scary medical words you don't expect to hear from a doctor talking to you, about you.