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Inspire your next run with these upbeat workout songs! | via @SparkPeople #fitness #exercise #motivation #music #running

The Top 100 Running Songs of All Time

20 minute HIIT cardio (running)

8-Minute-Mile 5K Playlist. Each song is 170 beats per minute and the entire playlist is about 25 minutes.

help retrain the brain about how much is enough..I repined this bc I thght it was pretty neat n show u how a true portion size is mine has to be smaller bc of my gastric bypass so be lucky u can eat this big lol

Easy exercises to get rid of a muffin top... I do the standing ones whenever I am waiting in a changing room or am on break at work, at home, anywhere no one can see me lol They actually work :)

How many calories you need to eat to lose weight! This is actually a really cool website :]

50 Best Exercises for Muffin Top. these hurt so bad the next day.

Important tips on proper Running Form. Makes a big many people heel strike so much. I did until I started running after I broke my heel. Had to switch to minimalist running to avoid the huge drop that most running shoes have. Love the minimalist shoes though. Have 5 fingers and nb.

Foot Reflexology. massage the part of your foot that corresponds to the part of your body that hurts and it will slowly reduce and eventually get rid of pain. Helps promote blood circulation to that particular part of the body! Learned this in cosmetology school. Helps me get rid of headaches and cramps naturally.