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Adult Capri Suns--Bag o' (vodka) lemonade - perfect for the beach! best idea ever. Pure stinkin genius. Freeze it first and take to beach and squeeze to make it slushy--this way it won't get watered down:).

Soak strawberries in whipped cream flavored vodka for 24 hours then dip in melted chocolate and let set.Takes Chocolate Covered Strawberries to a whole new level!

WOAH WHAT YOU NEED 2 liters Gin or Vodka 9 Liters Tonic Water 3-4 Bottles Roses Mojito Passion, OR 3-4 Canisters of Pink-Lemonade Concentrate Ice INSTRUCTIONS Mix all ingredients together shortly before the party begins. Add ice as late as possible before drinking. Colors come to life under a black light. Drinkin some universes!

"Cherry Moon," a grown up Shirley Temple! 1.5 parts Cherry vodka, 3.5 parts lemon-lime soda, 0.5 part grenadine. Pour over ice in order listed, garnish with cherry.

shot roulette. not all the shots are alcoholic, spin the bottle and take what you get.#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

Cherry jello (with vodka), blue raspberry jello (with vodka) and cool whip. Fourth of July shots!