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What is Family?

Our Brain, Mother blog series: What does family mean to you?

"Family is the ability to transfer an understanding of the interdependence of all life through the heart out to the hand." - Anue Nue

The New Normal - Adjusting as a Family of Four

These cousins don't know they are not related! My step-sister and I decided that even though our parents divorced, we would stay "sisters." Our 25 year history together (which included supporting each other through our parents' struggles with alcohol and mental illness) was a relationship we choose to continue even after our parents parted ways.

Michelle Anastasio's Family: "The meaning of family goes broader than sharing the same bloodline. I consider my closest friends, my husband, and even our two dogs family.  I love, trust, and respect all of them individually and each provide the same in return."

Christine Juneau's Family (Staff Artist): "This was taken during 'sundowners' on our first day at Duba Plains in the Okavango Delta shortly after spotting what would be unanimously voted our all-time favorite animal—the almighty warthog."

Marcelle Soviero's Family (Editor-in-Chief): "Our trip to the sculpture museum was the first time my children met the little boy and girl who would become their step siblings."