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that sense of "me" just does not age at the same rate as our bodies....when do we feel like "adults" let alone wise!

That's how I roll, ladylike with a wad of bitch in my back pocket. Ha!

Happens every time!!!! Lol

this is why i could never be a teacher, looking out to see all the faces that clearly don't care....

No kidding, I just ball mine up

Better have bail $.. & a will... YA BEEN WARNED. (Mena =)

There is NO way you can love anyone if you don't love yourself first...

someone please love me enough to buy me whatever the fuck I ask for #thoughts #sayings #quotation

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle out of vial med much cooler than your silly flowers!

Summer needs to get here now! I need more vitamin D!

George Foreman panini - will be making these for the Mavs game tomorrow :-D

This is unreal... an incredible recipe for a Charhouse Grilled Beef Steak for your George Foreman Grill. You'll never believe how good it is until you try it. Go make it. Go on... stop reading Pinterest and try this.