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ecosystems,community, population + more science topics...great site

FREE: A challenging circuit inquiry activity. Students need to draw a simple circuit based on 7 clues. I.e., If light bulb 1 is unscrewed, bulb 2, 3 and 4 stay on, etc. Includes an answer key. Great addition to any electricity unit as it can be used to teach circuit diagrams as well as review at the end of a unit. Can be used in any grade level that teaches electricity.

Mystery Circuit Challenge - a simple circuit inquiry activity

Fun, easy way to teach the scientific method. "Do taller children have bigger feet then smaller children?" In the picture students collected their data (drew a bar the size of their feet) and used a ruler to measure their graph and record their results.

E is for Explore!: Static Electricity experiments

E is for Explore!: Static Electricity!

I love this idea of labeling classroom items with information about science! The natural world is all around us, so let's point it out and use it as a motivation for kids to learn science concepts. MM

"An object generally has the same number of positive and negative charges. An object can lose negative charges and thus become positively charged. Try rubbing a balloon(s) with a piece of wool. This will remove negative charges from the wool and add them to the balloon(s) making the balloon(s) negatively charged."- Learning Ideas K-8

E is for Explore!: Static Electricity!

Starting a short poster project on the rock cycle by talking about processes that can change rocks.

Sedimentary Rock

Use a penny and a balloon to create your own atom smasher! Kids will go wild for this super fun, super simple science activity. #science #handsonlearning || Gift of Curiosity

Penny + balloon = DIY atom smasher! - Gift of Curiosity

Good idea - Weather unit introduction

Bee Shooters - a super simple and fun craft - we made ours whilst on a picnic in the park. Easy. Fun. Quirky.

Bee Shooter Craft - Red Ted Art's Blog

Ice cream cone seed starters. Once they are ready to plant, you just plant the cone since it is biodegradable!

Today on the Boards: Ice Cream Cone Seed Starters

Interactive lessons on beginning to understand electricity and circuits.

Tech Topics: Electricity: Heat, Light and Motion

Perfect video for students K-4 to introduce animal habitats!

How to fold newspaper into biodegradable planters.

home-garden | P&G Everyday

Rock and fossils lesson material.

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format for Rocks PK-12

MAD SCIENTIST WEEK - I love this site bc it explains the science behind each project…SO fun for the first weeks of school!

Kat's Classroom Crafts: Science

5 Fun Science Experiments for Kids (w/ Grover!) #5facts