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haha yup all the time. before the first date is through I already married u inside my head

Wow yup yup so true I ppl watch and observe... I'll be cordial but if I don't trust you don't expect us to go past acquaintances

I'm a Libra. October 9th. And music is most definitely a ginormous part of my existance.

I am exactly like this. And I just so happen to be a libra...not true sometimes for me...I can stay mad for a long long time if I am pushed to far..

I'm not a big horoscope person, but I think this is totally me. People should listen when I don't like someone!

diamond and opal ring

Libras can be the most gentle, warming souls one minute and completely stubborn and argumentative the next.

Fall times my favorite ♥

So I decided to see what my zodiac sign said about me... Nailed it. Lol