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This is how I feel when I get pegged in the face during a volleyball game but keep going. Then my teammate misses a serve and starts crying.

In the south, "Aren't you precious" translates to "At least you're mama thinks your pretty" and "Bless your heart" translates to "Can you really be that stupid"

Southern Humor

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take this job & shove it - Google Search

Summeritas! Half summer shandy and half bud light lime strawberita...cuts the sweetness so you can keep drinking!

Yes, it is true, the day after you turn 40 you can't see at night, your boobs look like bananas, and every time you sneeze you pee a little.

Aww man...I'm turning 40 next week...guess that means I have to grow up now, lol.

mixed drinks called "mason dixons." has sweet tea, vodka, and lemonade in it