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This would work well for primary source photos in Social Studies. Add: what connections can you make? What's the author's purpose?

Art Inspired / Discussing Art

Gameification in the middle school classroom!!! It's like class and a vide game... Score!

To Engage Them All: Leveling Up! My Hand At Gameification

Looking for a way to challenge your students or to really model close reading? This task card set is exactly what you need. This set was created to be used with history articles or textbooks. After a student has done a first read of their text, they can delve in deeper with tasks and questions for each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Bloom's Taxonomy Task Cards: Reading in the Social Studies

Text Message Generator: Create Book Character or Historic Character Conversations

Text Message Generator: Create Character Conversations

Click HERE for middle and high school English class resources.

Great final project idea for history classes - make a Superhero from someone they learned about, like Cyborg Stalin!

Historical Superhero History Final Project

Young Teacher Love: Point of View Eyeballs!

Young Teacher Love: Point of View Eyeballs!

If I ever have a classroom that is bigger than a closet... I want a biggg timeline that the class can add important people and events that we learn about on to.

Imagine if the characters in your story had Instagram. What would they take photos of? Where would the setting/location be? Free printables!

If the Characters in Your Story had Instagram

A comprehensive, dynamic and clear bundle covering the Revolutionary War, the Inter-War Period and the Civil War. Included: - Three thematic activities packages (24 pages) - Visually appealing ppt. lectures (5) - Two research essay guides (Revolutionary War and Civil War) - One project (Inter-War Period) - One Discussion (War of 1812)

Use speech bubbles on famous paintings to get students thinking/writing! l LOVE this idea!

Tip of the Week - Thought Bubbles on Photos

This Wizard of Oz Characters and the Populist Party Worksheet has students matching characters from the film to what they learned about the Populist era!

Wizard of Oz Characters and the Populist Party Worksheet

In this activity, students are asked to think about how they would react if a disease, such as the Plague or Black Death, were to arrive in their city. There is a sheet of instructions that provides the requirements for this writing activity. This includes a minimum of 5 journal entries spanning 2-4 weeks. They are asked to focus on a different aspect of the epidemic every journal entry.

Black Death-Plague Journal Activity- Creative Writing

Here is a creative way to engage students when studying famous people from history!

Obertopia: Wanted Poster Lesson Plan