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My photos

Board with my personal photos taken with Nikon D3100 and various lens. Negative comments are not allowed :)

Different view at Herz Jesu church_03, Pforzheim, Germany

Herz Jesu church_02,Pforzheim, Germany

Herz Jesu church at the river Enz, Pforzheim, Germany

District office building_03, Pforzheim, Germany

District office tower, Pforzheim, Germany

District office building_01, Pforzheim, Germany

Snowy ambient

Parkhotel at the river Enz, Pforzheim

Birch touching the river Enz

  • Vera Russell

    Hi, Boris, I have a D3100 - look forward to following your D3100 pictures here. Beautiful pictures so far!

  • Boris Rasonja

    Thank you Vera! I've much more photos for upload and share but never to find the time for the final edit in Lightroom and Photoshop.

  • Vera Russell

    I know what you mean about the upload, editing time. Glad I found you on Pinterest - looking forward to sharing with you.

  • Boris Rasonja

    I'm rarely here but will thy to change that :) Have a great week ahead!

At the river Enz, Pforzheim, Germany

Fountain and birch harmony, river Enz

Parkhotel at river Enz in Pforzheim, Germany