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Scoring/Slashing #BreadChat

Inspiration board for January 15, 2014 #BreadChat on Twitter. Topic: Scoring and slashing techniques and tools.

French Bread made with KAMUT flour and baked in a Dutch Oven Combo Baker adapted from Robert May's French Bread from 1660.

Worthy of a Knight - Götzenburg Bread. Rye sourdough with spelt, einkorn, barley and a millet porridge. With interactive formula: hanseata.blogspot...

Szánter blogja.: Szánter házi kenyér.

A Sicilian inspired sourdough with semolina, olive oil and honey, topped with sesame and aniseed. Top was cut with scissors. Much easier than conventional slashing.

These loaves are charmingly small and make great companions for an evening meal.

Pain de Campagne, with whole wheat and spelt.

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"Happy Bastille Day! @Easy Tiger."

per me è una spiga di frumento, for me it's a wheat's ear

Szánter blogja.: Kalászos kenyér.

I wish I could let you smell it and hear whispering

sourdough-0-manitoba-tuscan stonemilled ancient grains flour ready to go into the oven pane per sabato e domenica

Diamonds are trump, Bürebrot, Swiss Farmer bread. Milk made up half the liquid, at least 4 types of flour were used. The final proof was done seem up on a finely sieved bed of light spelt flour

Szánter blogja.: Levéldíszes gyönyörűség. 15 fotó.