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Cut out pretty embellishments from old Christmas cards with pinking shears. Punch hole, tie ribbon, write name, and slide over tines of fork as placecards :)

  • Pamela Brokenwolf

    Annie...that is the most moronic idea I've heard of in a long time. Please don't end this brilliant kind of thinking with? "Just saying." That makes it doubly moronic.

  • Courtney Ingels

    Desirae: it's really about supply an demand. If people who normally bought dogs from breeders would rescue/adopt,the.

  • Courtney Ingels

    ( continue ) then the demand for those breeders would go down and breeders wouldn't have the clientele,so they would be forced to reduce/stop breeding. I realize it's not totally realistic to expect no one to breed dogs. But dogs (including many purebreds that people go to breeders for) are sitting in rescues/pounds,waiting for their forever home. Im all for restricting breeding until we can remedy to some degree the 4 million dogs that die in pounds each year because there's no room for them. :(

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Whenever I need a good laugh, I watch Guilty Dog .. it might just be my favorite youtube video ever.

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