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BHG: love this! Re-purpose that old family hand me down buffet into something contemporary and useful!

DIY: Garage Door Makeover With Gel Stain - this is a quick and inexpensive way to add curb appeal to your home and make a tract home look more custom

DIY Garage Door Makeover with Stain - Domestically Speaking

Crazy hair day inspiration!

Hair we go again: Haircut fundraiser returns

how to hang pictures in a stairwell | How to hang a photo gallery along a staircase | {Home, Decor-Someday}

Can't get a stain out? This product will get ANYTHING out! It is actually the same product that wineries package to get red wine stain out. Bed Bath and Beyond sells it for $9.99, and it will last for years. Make sure to follow the instructions, particularly where it tells you about how to start stain removal. A million Star rating!

  • Tiffany Rossiter

    This product IS AMAZING! It is even safe to use on your clothes to get stains out and does not contain harmful chemicals. Love it!

Concrete gap filler. Never weed again!! I did this on my patio and driveway. Love it! This is what parks and public places use. Available at Lowes and Home Depot in different colors in the concrete dept.

DIY Problem Solvers and Household Tips

Amazing way to take incredible pictures using your I Phone

Amazing way to take incredible pictures - Mind Blowing Things

Free printable Woodland_Gift_Tags - so cute!

Printable Woodland Christmas Gift Tags & Labels | Lia Griffith

Make a Paper Poinsettia From a Cocktail Napkin

DIY Paper Cocktail Napkin Poinsettia | Lia Griffith

Secret Message Pens | $5.99 from the Container Store - would be fun for kids to send messages back and forth to each other!

The soft glow of our Motion Sensor Tank Light is much more welcoming than an overhead light turned on during a late night trip to the bathroom!

1000 Life Hacks. Could this really be? Would somebody verify and let us know if the shelf life of a battery is longer if refrigerated? (forget what google says and let us know real experience)

  • Paula Mackenzi

    I keep mine in the freezer

  • Jason Sanderson

    Hi,resident battery is in fact true that placing a cell in a cold environment will slow the self discharge rate of the battery...somewhat.not much, will NOT,however,increase the overall capacity of the other words,it will not double in itself,at room temperature,a standard alkaline cell has a shelf life of five years,and a lithium cell has a shelf life of ten would have to leave your batteries in the freezer for over five years at the least to see the benefit of keeping them in the freezer,and by that time,it will be so corroded it will no longer be a viable power source.

  • tia nelson

    It works my battery lasted 3 times longer

  • J.Circassian

    Cell/Smart batteries 4 things works: 1) Never use (text or call) while charging it wears the batteries faster. 2) Cut off to charge and don't charge over night soon as full charged unplug. 3) Reduce App bloats & shelter with Anti-virus. Yes, their are killer apps and viruses that specific smartphones drain data and slow applications that drain battery use. 4) Use airplane mode instead turn off/on this one action wears the battery faster.

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AH MAZ ING!!!! Did you know that baby oil will clean your stainless steel appliances and make them SHINE!!!! I would not have believed it if I had not seen it. A tiny amount on a cotton cloth and then rubbed on the appliance will leave it clean and retard future finger prints!!!

Johnson's Baby Baby Oil

Two ingredient snow recipe made using common household items- this stuff is amazing! It is naturally cold and feels just like fresh fallen powder in your hands. So easy to make, too. My kids love this sensory snow!

Erupting Snow Recipe ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

Yes! I so didn't want to buy the expensive decorating bags and tips. Simply the best way to get nice lines when icing cookies. A simple syringe will suck up the frosting and dispense it evenly. Why didn't I think of this?!

Janelle's Fine Cooking

ghostly decorations: spray paint a garage sale salvaged doll with glow paint and decorate for Halloween!