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Supernatural <3

I'm a Dean girl, but i try to share the love.

I think Dean cares in some deep recess of his demon soul; and he wants to keep Sam as far away from him as possible. Crowley's not helping. [GIFSET] 10x01 Black <-- I agree with this. It's the same way that the demon part of him still calls him Sammy.

10x02 Reichenbach / 5x04 The End [gifset] - Dean not taking care of Baby? [check]; Castiel not very angel-y? [check]; Thigh holsters worn by dangerous men? [check]; Jeeps used for hunting? [check] = *sings* "It's the end of the world as we know it..." - Cole Trenton, Sam and Dean Winchester, Supernatural - couldn't resist, I love anything referencing The End episode XD

[gifset] Three times Holy water had no effect on Dean and the one time it really did-Not going to lie, this hurt.....4x01 Lazarus Rising, 5x02 Good GodY'all, 9x11 First Born,10x02 Reichenbach #SPN #Dean #DemonDean

jensen ♥

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Supernatural. / I laughed so hard then I cried

Supernatural. ❤️ / iFunny :)

I love this Doctor Who quote for the Winchesters.

Remember that little boy from season one's Dead In The Water?