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Calvin & Hobbes side body Tattoo

Thomas Hovie in Humboldt, CA.

Awesome Calvin and Hobbes tattoo

calvin from calvin and hobbes tat

calvin and hobbes tat

Calvin and Hobbes! What a great tat. I love these guys. How cool.

calvin and hobbes tat

calvin and hobbes tat

Beautiful Calvin and Hobbes tattoo.

more calvin & hobbes tattoo

Calvin and Hobbes tattoo

Best calvin and hobbes tattoo I've come across.

Coolest Calvin and Hobbes tattoo EVER!! Spaceman Spiff, yo!!

I'm starting to love Calvin and Hobbes and this tattoo is great lol

Let's go exploring! Calvin tattoo

Calvin and Hobbes tattoo; meet the alien

I have wanted a Calvin & Hobbes tattoo for so long, and I am wildly in love with this.

science tattoo combines these two childhood loves — with Calvin and Hobbes looking up at the 8 planetary symbols and the symbols for a star and water. Just like Calvin and Hobbes, I will always be gazing up at the sky with wonder and awe.”

I love this!!! Description with this tattoo: this is my oh so awesome cross of calvin & hobbes/Han & Chewie. now it isnt finished just yet still got to get it colored in. but its pretty fucking amazing so far. Hope ya guys like it.