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Feed Your Blueberry Bushes Coffee Grinds

How to grow Raspberries and Blackberries when to prune/transplant/fertilize very thorough!

How to build an outdoor kitchen.

Lambsquarters (chenopodium album)....another plant that will go crazy in your garden, and you won't have to plant it or care for just keep picking it. And it is much higher in vitamins than the salad greens you pay for at the store. I pick this from the garden each year! Great stuff!

How to Propagate Grape Vines

Cucumbers grown in the wrong conditions can become bitter or tasteless. Here is a simple tried and true tip for having the sweetest cucumbers in town . . .

Purslane....this great little succulent will go crazy in your garden....but don't think of it as a weed, think of it as an abundant free food....full of vitamins and omega-3s! I pick this from my garden in the spring and summer - tasty!

twine trellis for cucumbers or beans

Learn how to graft fruit trees so that you can have multiple varieties on the same tree! Or turn that old crabapple tree into a productive Macintosh tree

Pruning Tomatoes- Great Article. 6 reasons to prune tomatoes: 1. More flavorful tomatoes. 2. Larger tomatoes. 3. More tomatoes over length of a season. 4. Keep leaves & fruits off the ground, away from pests, insect damage, fungal disease. 5. Keep plants smaller & more compact. 6. Allows tomatoes on plant at the end of season to ripen before 1st frost. Removing unneeded growth tips, new growth in the “V” between 2 stems, allows plant to concentrate energy on fruit rather than foliage.

Spray your zucchini plants once a week with a solution of 1 part milk to 9 parts water. You can use any kind of milk available. This will keep your plants from getting powdery mildew, a serious threat to zucchini plants.