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Breaking Bad Season 6 Claim is a Hoax [Breaking Bad Season 6 Claim is a Hoax] The interwebs have been all abuzz in recent days with rumours that popular TV series 'Breaking Bad' is set to return with a totally unexpected Season 6.

Breaking Bad Season 6 Claim is a Hoax

Reports Claim Students Have Created Roofie Detecting Nail Polish: Reports are true, but product is still being developed and is not yet for sale.

Reports Claim Students Have Created Roofie Detecting Nail Polish

MALWARE - Order Number 'Thank You For Using Our Services' Email: Email claims to be a notification about recent transaction and includes an order number, price, and payment method. It advises you to open an attached file for details about the purchase.

MALWARE - Order Number 'Thank You For Using Our Services' Email

SURVEY SCAM - 'Sylvester Stallone Died in Horrible Car Accident'

SURVEY SCAM - 'Sylvester Stallone Died in Horrible Car Accident'

HOAX - 'Wiltshire Church to Become Mosque and Bodies Dug Up'

HOAX - 'Wiltshire Church to Become Mosque and Bodies Dug Up'

LIKE-FARMING - 'Mercedes Benz CLA 45' Facebook Giveaway: The Page is bogus and the competitions that it promotes are not legitimate. There are no winners and no cars are being given away.

LIKE-FARMING - 'Mercedes Benz CLA 45' Facebook Giveaway

Hoax - 'RFID Chip Will Be Implemented In All Public Schools By 2015'

It is perfectly true that August 2014 has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. However, this combination occurs far more often than once every 823 years and is not at all remarkable

NONSENSE: August 2014 Date Combination - 'Once Every 823 Years'

E-ZPass unpaid toll malware email. The email is not from E-ZPass. It is a criminal ruse designed to trick you into downloading malware to your computer.

Malware : E-ZPass Unpaid Toll Email Links to Malware Website

Facebook Overpopulated Hoax - These warning messages are pointless hoaxes and should be ignored. Facebook is NOT running out of space and your account will NOT be deleted if you do not send on such messages.

Facebook Deleting Inactive Users Hoax - 'Facebook Overpopulated'

Survey Scam - 'Malaysian Air Flight MH-370 Found By Sailor'

Survey Scam: 'Malaysian Air Flight MH-370 Found By Sailor'

'Man Punching Dog' Protest Message - The images are reportedly genuine and were taken in Chile back in 2011. 2012 news reports on the issue indicate that the man was identified and investigated in relation to the acts of cruelty depicted in the images

True but Outdated - 'Man Punching Dog' Protest Message

The email is a phishing scam designed to trick users into divulging their email account login details to Internet criminals.

Email Exceeded Storage Limit Phishing Scam

PHISHING - 'Credit Card Expired' PayPal Email The email is not from PayPal. It is a phishing scam designed to trick you into sending your PayPal account login credentials and credit card details to online criminals.

Netflix Cancellation Phishing Scam: The message is a phishing scam and Netflix did not send it. Clicking the link will take you to a fake Netflix website that asks for login credentials, credit card details, and other personal information. This information will be collected by criminals and used for credit card fraud and identity theft.

PHISHING SCAM - 'Netflix Account Cancellation'

TRUE - 'Researchers Monitoring Cow Digestion Through Windows in Their Sides'. In fact, the technique has been used in various locations around the world for many years. Via the windows, called cannulas or fistulas, scientists can easily access the contents of a cow's rumen and better ascertain nutrient requirements.

Hoax - Onions Create Toxic Bacteria: - A new social media variant of this hoax is gaining momentum. The claims in the message are false.

False Claim - Onions are Magnets for Bacteria

Naked Man Orchid - The photographs are genuine. Many commentators have suggested that the images have been digitally manipulated and do not show a real plant. However, Orchis italica, aka the Naked Man orchid is certainly real and grows in various locations in the Mediterranean.

'Hanging Naked Man' Orchid Flower Images

FAKE - Image Showing Giant Cross Crashed Through Adult Store Roof: The image is photoshopped. Both the giant cross and the adult store are real, but the cross did not fall through the roof of the store. A local preacher named James Potter put up the cross, which stands on a roadside at Caryville, Tennessee in close proximity to the Adult World store.

Newborn Baby Saved by Dog - The message is based on a reportedly true incident that occurred in Kenya back in 2005. According to news reports, the dog indeed brought the baby back to her own litter of puppies, although exact details of the rescue are hazy. While the story itself appears to be true, the image in the message does not show the rescuing dog or the rescued baby.

Circulating Message Claims 'Newborn Baby Saved By Stray Dog'

McDonalds Worm Meat Hoax - The claims in the report are nonsense. The story combines two old tales into one ridiculous account. Rumours that McDonald's and other fast food outlets use worms as meat filler have circulated since the 1970's. And the claim that McDonald's sources beef from a company called '100% Beef' is a silly story that has also circulated separately for well over a decade.

The claims are false and began life as an April Fools joke. The snippet links back to a longer report published on on April 1st, 2014. The report identifies itself as an April Fools Day prank. Nevertheless, well past April 1, the news snippet continues to circulate, duping at least a few wide-eyed recipients as it travels.

Plane Found in Forest Scam Message: At the time of writing, the plane has not yet been found. The message is a scam designed to trick people into liking a particular Facebook Page. The image certainly does not show the Malaysia Airlines Plane.

Energy Drinks Bull Sperm Hoax. Energy drinks do not contain bull sperm. They do contain taurine - a name derived from the Latin word 'taurus', which means 'bull' or 'ox'. Taurine was given that name because it was first isolated in the bile of an ox. However, the taurine used in common energy drinks is synthetic and is not derived from bulls or other animals.

Fake Malaysia Airlines ad: The message is a hoax. The poster is not a genuine Malaysia Airlines advertisement. Real Malaysia Airlines promotional material has been altered to include the fake slogans. The pictured aircraft is an A380, not a 777. The fake ad is apparently a misguided and very poor taste attempt at humour.