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Amazing Oceans

“hark .. now hear the sailors cry .. smell the sea and feel the sky .. let your soul and spirit fly .. into the mystic...”

4,981 Pins

Guadalupe Great White in water so clear it feels like you're floating in air. bigfishexpedition...

"The cleanliness supervisor" Eilat, Israel ~Dany Weinberg

Pulau Pef, Raja Ampat ... Photo:Filip Staes (aka Leonardo of the Oceans)

Tangled Manta Ray asks for diver's help - Ghost Fishing - Costa Rica

rainbow ahead for this hourglass dolphin

Halloween on the reef

Pacific Boxfish

Phyllodesmium iriomotense. Bali, Tulamben by Yury Ivanov

Hawksbill Turtle - Red Sea

Hawksbill Turtle | Sport Diver Gallery

Two species come together 80 miles offshore of the coast of British Columbia. A pod comprised of hundreds of dolphins weave around a sunfish as they make their way across the ocean in search of food. The large Mola mola dwarfs the Pacific White-sided Dolphins as he watches them pass by with a nature as docile as the dolphins are playful. Managed to capture a rare moment ~Paul Nicklen Photography

Do You Know Your Fins?

  • Lizzy Schutz

    I know the 4h is definitely a dolphin fin and the 2nd is a killer whale. I think the 1st is a shark and I'm not sure what the 3rd one is.

Nudibranch Scientific name: Unidentia angelvaldesi 2014 Anilao Critters, Anilao Philippines Sports & Recreation Visit Anilao Critters and Resorts Official website www.anilaocritter...

Google-Eyed Fairy Crab (Squat Lobster)

Diving the Philippines: Seas of Plenty

Hammer Coral At Twin Rocks

Diving the Philippines: Seas of Plenty

Black-Saddled Toby

Diving the Philippines: Seas of Plenty

Sea Star On Tubbataha Reef

Diving the Philippines: Seas of Plenty

Damselfish In Staghorn Coral

Diving the Philippines: Seas of Plenty

Balicasag Island | The Philippines

Diving the Philippines: Seas of Plenty

The reef at Beatrice Rock is prized by underwater photographers for its Technicolor riot of corals and mobs of schooling anthias. The site — off the Anilao region on the Luzon coast — offers a pinnacle, a series of drop-offs and spectacular viz.

Diving the Philippines: Seas of Plenty

loggerhead ... Kara Murphy Images

Blue Caribbean Magazine ... Start the weekend with a splash of color!

Transient Orca and her calf breaching in unison. British Columbia, Canada Photo Credit ~ Nick Templeman