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I think this is supposed to be " cute", but what about poor momma squirrel? She's out there devastated because the cat took her babies.

  • Julie Tomaiko Anderson

    lol "the cat took her babies"...This cat is an amazing mommy who adopted some extra babies. So Cute!

  • Christina Christensen

    the whole "scent" thing is an old wives tale

  • Katie Macklin

    I do wildlife rescue and rehab. Squirrels will not abandon a baby because of the scent. Even if a human picks it up and various our around and gives it back. The squirrel mom will still accept it. They even adopt other squirrel babies.

  • Katie Macklin

    That was suppose to say picks it up and carries it around not various our around. :-)

  • Kate

    Maybe "Mama" cat ate the baby squirel's mom and now is feeling guilty. Lol

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