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the shamrock tatoo I want to symbolize my trip to Ireland and the 3 hearts for me and my 2 daughters :)

lavender wedge pumps :)

Amazing detail and artwork. Most likely on the back of my right calf. Black and white but with little pops of color.

Alicia en el país de las maravillas | 24 tatuajes sensacionalmente ingeniosos de Disney Alice in wonderland tattoo

I want something like this someday

This will be my first tattoo. I don't care how nerdy or lame people think it is, I always have and always will love Harry Potter. Fuck the haters.

want something that starts on my shoulder that would spread to my back

I would want to get this with "Same Love" incorporated in it somehow :) (heart tattoo)

Wouldnt get it, but this is an amazing tattoo! would be cool with an airbag too instead of the coilover

Redneck stick family-car window sticker or tattoo @Jared Randall Randall Ferree need this for when we get a new car

Tattoos♥ omg yes...!

Dreamer Feather Tattoo ♥

Sun and moon tattoo

This is a I saw it and I need it type of piece

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today .

I like the small splashes of color. The menacing look of the skull is off set with the rosy pink color of the rose and lace.

And this is why we all love Harry Potter. I've always wondered how actors react to stuff like that

Harry potter cast and their books.

Love the whole outfit!!!

I just searched Pinterest for a solid hour looking for this! Finally!

Meg's the best! Why don't people ever include her in the Princess line up? They mention Mulan and Mulan's not a princess either. Meg's kind of like a goddess in a weird sort of way 'cause she got a god for a guy. I don't care what people say about Hercules turning mortal, he is still a god for sure. Urgh. Meg should be mentioned in Disney conversations more.