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Starting at Kalapana, Hawaii you can walk for two hours to the place on the coast where active lava flows touch the ocean. This is insane.

Isle of Jersey - United Kingdom

Dry Tortuga. 70 miles off Key West. Been here, it is amazing, so worth the trip!

Maldives Located southwest of India, this archipelago of 1,190 tiny islands and atolls is the lowest-lying country in the world, making it particularly susceptible to a rise in sea levels. Roughly 80% of the country is less than 4 feet above sea level, and many inhabitants live along the coast. If sea levels continue to rise, the Republic of Maldives will be the first nation to disappear into the ocean.

The Molokini Crater in Hawaii

Island of Molokini - natural star and crescent - between Maui and Kahoolawe, Hawaii

Molokai, Hawaii.

Isle of Skye, Hebrides, Scotland.

The Skellig Islands, Ireland

St Pierre et Miquelon, France, off of the coast of Canada, the only French islands in the N. Atlantic via Flickr.

St. Pierre Street, Miquelon, France in the N. Atlantic, off of the coast of Canada

Catalina Island- Avalon Harbor

Catalina Island