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  • Kara Sloan

    do you make the same comments for models who appear over weight also? Or do you just criticize thin people? Some of us are naturally skinny and shouldn't be ashamed or put down for it

  • Shannon Smith

    There's naturally skinny, and then there's thinspo, which the the F.E.A.S.T. Eating Disorder page [] defines as - "Any form of media, print, online, pictures, videos, etc. that are utilized in an unhealthy manner to promote continued weight loss. This information can take the form of images of slim celebrities, individuals afflicted with an eating disorder or emaciated models and is often exchanged amongst members of online pro-eating disorder communities (pro-ana, pro-mia)..." Just sayin'.

  • Shannon Smith

    One more thing, you raise a good point Kara. I'm not as likely to comment on an image of an overweight model, but there doesn't seem to be a "fatspo" epidemic TO comment on. It's not about natural body shapes, but the unhealthy obsession with an extreme [in either direction, thinner or fatter]. Also worth mentioning that not everyone can get the magical "thigh gap". You can't diet or exercise your way to it if you don't have the bone structure. I just think these trends [thigh gap and thinspo] are frightening and too closely tied to pro-eating disorder movements and are likely to perpetuate negative self-image in those who get caught up in them. There are exceptions to every rule, but is the woman in this photo one of them? Who knows?

  • Marino Coco

    Most of these ladies look terrible. Seriously, why would you want to achieve looking like someone who's about to die?

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Thinspo, Fitspo. I will look like this this summer..

  • Susie Pearson

    Eat a sandwich.

  • Pamela Herbert

    There's nothing "fit" about this look. Totally unhealthy.


    ive always had a small weight problem, im french decent, but the more i look at this thigh space, the more i prefer my curves.........

  • Non Stop Hair

    You're fucking your body up. Just get to be a normal weight-guys don't like bones. The only people who like ultra skinny girls are other skinny girls

Skinny girl leg gap workout... I have small legs but never small thighs. Now I know why!! I work out my inner thighs way too much!! Great tips. (and awesome batman shirt)

My answer: Skinny thighs! Because I always get constantly blister skin between my thighs, very painful. So, the skinny gap thighs won't get blister ever again.

Thigh gap and flat stomach... this is what I want

  • Ericka Carlson

    Oh honey, this is not attractive, that poor girl looks malnourished.

  • Sarah Geer

    No kidding. She looks like some charity should be sending you a picture to sponsor her for $25 a month.

thinspo that thigh gap omh

thigh gap! amazing legs! I want!!!!