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Great use of 7 habits of Happy kids. i also want to try this for me. Instead of working on multiple behaviors allat once which can be challenging with the younger ones, I like the idea of sticking with one specific behavior goal for the entire week until it's changed.

Tips for efficient reporting to parents on standards based grading and assessments. Also how students track their own data to share with parents at conferences!

3rd Grade Thoughts: Getting Ready for RACK Week!

3rd Grade Thoughts: Experimenting With 7 Habits of Happy Kids

Download a collection of free motivational goal quotes from Laura Candler's Teaching Resources.

friday journals - students write a note on friday to their parents telling what they learned that week, and parents write a short response back to their child, and the journal comes back monday. for every parent response, students get a sticker to add to the cover. great way to get parents involved and have students take more ownership of their learning!

Education World: Secrets of Goal Setting Template

Here are some tips/ideas for your Leader Board. I use this as part of Leader in me in my classroom. Each child has a long-term job that they interv...

*We have 10 class jobs this year, so each student will have a job every other week. Here is a list of our jobs and the responsibilities of each: Teacher Assistant - runs errands and helps the teacher and is line leader Electrician - "End Friend" and turns off lights when we leave the room Librarian - takes care of classroom library Girls' RR Inspector - Makes sure the girls are quiet/mannerly and clean in the RR Boys' RR Inspector - Makes sure the boys are quiet/mannerly and clean in the RR Supply Clerk - helps the T.A. pass out supplies/papers Chef - Calls quiet students up for snack Custodian - Inspects the room for cleanliness before we leave for the day Recycler - helps student Custodian carry our classroom recycle box to the big bin Substitute - fills in for a student who is gone

Leader in me

Always important to remember...the boss and the leader are not necessarily the same thing! One of the life lessons from the dogs is about leading from behind, or within the team. My lead dogs could be anywhere in the team, and still influence and lead the team. Likewise, I as Iditarod's Littlest Musher, was in the very back, but the dogs always looked to me for leadership, no matter what. They needed to know I had their backs and had the situation in hand. Then they could relax and just go!

These pages can be used in your students' Leadership Notebooks or Data Notebooks as part of the Leader in Me program. I also include a page for Teacher Contact Information and Daily Schedule in my Leadership Notebooks, but I did not include them in this set so that you can include your own. There are informative pages for students and parents, as well as goal setting and goal tracking pages.

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids book by Sean Covey...great for a Leader in Me School/Classroom! Good for home too!!!

Well-behaved kids can be a Classroom Leader (Whole Brain Teaching idea). A craft store had empty buttons. I just slipped in the cute label @Mary Wallis

Leader in Me - Oak Grove School -- click on the PDF link to see a school's transformation!