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Bridget Woodbury

Bridget Woodbury

Things I think are pretty, categorized by why they are pretty.

You know how I absolutely LOVE this! Every time I have my back to you I get a surprise kiss on my neck.

Max’s crown from Where the Wild Things Are Done by KC at The Painted Bird Tattoo, Medford MA

“An introvert’s secret is their personality”. You know, this is so true...All you introverts out there, please don't try to change into someone you're not.

"At first people were completely unsure about how to make an Italian soda. It was like watching people experiment in a science lab. First too much syrup, then not enough syrup. Eventually, my dad figured out the proper ratio and taught two of my very best guy friends how to be the bar keepers. By the end of the afternoon, they were making drinks for everyone."

Virginia State Senator Janet Howell made a statement when she proposed an amendment to a bill that requires a pregnant woman to undergo an ultrasound before having an abortion. Howell’s amendment would have required men to undergo a rectal exam and a cardiac stress test before getting a prescription for erectile dsyfunction drugs.

This.  Changes.  Everything.