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For Teachers: Infant/Toddler Activities

Activities for teachers to lead in the infant & toddler classrooms

Being Exposed to Two Languages May Increase Cognitive Benefits in Babies from Science World Report

Encouraging Your Baby's Babbling May Speed Language Development...suggestions here apply to infant caregivers as well.

What’s Really Going on in Babies Brains? Language Development from Eye on Early Education Photo: Courtesy of the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, University of Washington

LOVE this idea. Could use a simple wooden coat hanger with desired number or pegs from Hobby Lobby, or the like. Paint it to your liking, then find different colored rings for little loves to sort!!

This sensory board was made by an infant teacher at the Superior Children's Center in Tyler, TX. The different materials, textures and colors make it fun to look at and feel. This board is so versatile, it often moves from classroom to classroom giving many children a chance to touch and feel!

The toddler room at the Bright Horizons Lands' End Back-up Child Care Center in Dodgeville,WI created a garden atmosphere by adding a green grass rug, flowers, picnic table, garden tools and summer hats!​ The toddlers loved playing in their indoor garden!

Have you tried putting holes in a cardboard box and providing items such as large pom-poms & cardboard tubes? Wonderful opportunity to observe and see what happens .

The toddlers at the Bright Horizons at Minnetonka, MN really enjoyed this shaving cream activity...without the mess! The Toddlers used bags of shaving cream and cookie cutters to explore shapes! They were able to make, erase, and remake a variety of shapes and practice saying the name of the shape aloud. ​Of course, hands-on messy is best, so it's fun to follow up by opening the bags and digging right in!

Looking for natural wind chimes? The clever infant teachers at our Citibank Family Center in Sioux Falls, SD created these from dried fruit! They started with assorted fruits and sliced them really thin. Once they had dried, they strung them with fishing line and hung them from a recycled paper towel roll which was painted to match the color of the fruit. This created a natural wind chime, which they hung from the ceiling, so the children could see them and smell them.

The infant teachers at our Citibank Family Center in Sioux Falls, SD created these sensory bag for motor exploration. They colored dried rice and salt different colors with food coloring and let air dry. Next, they reinforced the three non-open edges of a Ziploc bag with different colored duck tap. Once everything was dried they combined the rice and other small items in one bag. They placed the bags on a low shelf for child to touch, shake and explore! How fun!