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Gavin Lee, who is amazing as Burt in Disney's Mary Poppins invites your group to attend the Voices on Broadway event with your performing group.

Give your students the performance opportunity of a lifetime in New York City! As part of Voices on Broadway, students will enjoy the Broadway show Mary Poppins by celebrating music, theatre and the arts in this one of a kind event.

Let students express themselves through music. When teachers are scanning the airwaves for a good song, they are likely to hear hits from some of today’s hottest artists, including Justin Bieber, One Direction and Selena Gomez. Although this music isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, it might serve as inspiration for a school fundraiser. After all, aside from being hugely successful, each of these musical acts got their starts when they were young.

When bands set out to make an album, the members typically play the majority of the music that appears on the final record. However, in some cases, session musicians are brought in to add an extra layer to a track, or play an instrument that members of the band have never seen before.

A group of musicians may or may not be the best instrumentalists on the planet, but with a great set list, the audience probably won't even notice. This simple fact just shows how important it is for student bands to pick the right mix of songs to perform on music tours.

When student performers are not out on the road for band tours, instructors should consider using their downtime to teach their pupils about music legends like country pioneer Willie Nelson. In fact, students who attend school in or around Nashville, Tennessee, have an opportunity to visit the city’s Willie Nelson and Friends Museum and General Store to become better acquainted with the Red Headed Stranger.

Play music in honor of the nation’s veterans in San Diego.

Trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong was one of the most famous jazz musicians to come out of New Orleans, Louisiana. As the legend’s influence can still be heard in jazz music to this day, more than one Big Easy attraction carries his name. For instance, there is Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, and then there is Louis Armstrong Park, which students can visit on class trips.

Find inspiration at The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts.

Celebrate the discovery of America during a Columbus Day Parade. #performancetravel

Preservation Hall helps student musicians hone their jazz skills.

What student performers should do when they freeze on stage. #Brightsparktips

Student musicians may feel as though they are ready to participate in band tours and take their skills on the road. While some venues and events will allow school groups to share their talents with the public, others will ask these youths to audition. If this is the case, students and their instructors should not be discouraged, and get ready instead.

Receive recognition for a great performance at Alameda’s patriotic parade.

Learn about the Father of the Blues on a class trips to Memphis .

The Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade is the nation's oldest Thanksgiving parade, dating back to 1920. It announces the arrival of the holiday season with beautiful floats, marching bands, musical guests, dance teams and lots of holiday spirit.

Brightspark offers trips to events and performances worldwide. From festivals to parades, our event programs provide your students with a combination of parade and festival participation, local sightseeing and professional exposure.

The Disney Honors program provides your student group with a truly magical, musical event. This unique, non-competitive music festival experience is designed for middle & high school choirs, concert bands and orchestras.

Voices on Broadway! Give your students the performance opportunity of a lifetime in New York City! As part of Voices on Broadway, students will enjoy the Broadway show Mary Poppins by celebrating music, theatre and the arts in this one of a kind event. Your student performers will bring the house down as part of a massed curtain call performance at the Disney's acclaimed New Amsterdam Theatre.

Masters of Music: Music ensembles now have an opportunity to experience the Schermerhorn Symphony Center and the Ryman Auditorium to perform, learn and celebrate! Masters of Music is a program designed to expose and enhance students to the professional music world.

The National Chick-fil-A Bowl Festival field show competition occurs in the Georgia Dome where the weather is always perfect. Don't pass up the opportunity to allow your band to perform in one of the premiere venues in the world.